Sock Assassin is a Go!

Sorry if you missed sign ups for this round of Sock Assassin! But for those participating here are the rules!

1. Sock used must be clean
2. A target will be assigned to the person who signed up.
3. Sock also must be empty
4. When sock is thrown at target the target can avoid being hit by saying the person’s name or seeing them throw the sock.
5. People can not be tagged in their rooms or restrooms.
6. The only location is Pickard Hall for sock assassin.
7. Once the target is eliminated, the target has to give up the target they were assigned to the person who eliminated them as that person’s new target.
8. The sock must be thrown by hand.
9. The person with most eliminations after the week will win 10/19-10/25.
10. Or unless the there is only one remaining player.
11. The player must remain unseen when they attempt to eliminate their target.
Best of luck to those who are participating!

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