About Connor Doyle

Hello all! I hope you are excited as I am to open up this year and have a fun time together while getting to know one another! You are probably curious about who this weirdo is that is supposed to be your Resident Assistant for the year. Welp, here goes something. I am currently a junior at UW-Platteville studying Chemistry. If you have any chemistry questions I can most likely help out! I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing soccer, gaming, and hanging out with people. My favorite game to play at the moment is League of Legends. I am currently reading the Martian . I listen to all walks of rock and music. My favorite artists being Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me the Horizon, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, and many many more. My favorite movies are Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption, and I enjoy Disney movies too. One last get to know me thing is my favorite tv shows. I enjoyed Dexter, Doctor Who, Scrubs, Archer, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Sherlock, and Supernatural. I have a girlfriend Sara which you all will have the opportunity to meet at some point.  Feel free to swing by room, 226, to ask questions, talk, or hang out. I have plenty of cool things planned for the semester and can not wait to get to know you all this semester! Email me at doyleco@uwplatt.edu if you need to contact me.

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