Author: connorjdoyle

Currently the Resident Assistant on the 2nd floor West Side in Pickard Hall at the University of Platteville Wisconsin.

Finals Tips

Finals are just around the corner! I hope you all are prepared but don’t sweat if you aren’t. Start implementing the tips on this board to see success next week!


Shower Thoughts

Everyone has their best ideas in the shower! That is what this board is here to share. Swing by in order to add yours and get a couple of chuckles at the ones curgently up.

Ben and Jerrys in PJs

Students had a blast learning about how to maintain proper hygeiene, what safe sex looks like, and how to keep a healthy relationships! All in the comfort of their pjs. There were a ton of free materials to keep proper health up and free ice cream too! Thanks to all who attended!

Smash Bro Tournament

Henry did another awesome job setting up another fun SSB tournament. It was fun learning more awesome tips and tricks to improve my mediocre at best mechanics. I know many others learned a lot too and it was a fun time seeing such a close community.

NALCS Viewing Party

We got together with our gaming set ups in order to game while enjoying the series. TSM won the series 3-2 with a very close end game. It was fun getting together with other fans of the game in the basement.


Two West took part in a free pancake event put on by Casey! The event took donations for Relay for Life in efforts to raise money to combat cancer! All in all we got to enjoy good companionship and pancakes!

Get Know Your RA 2.0

2 West out together this comical bulletin board about your’s truly! It is currently being featured on the small bulletin board on our wing. It was made it was made in good jest primarily by someone who is going to work as an RA. This was good practice for when it becomes his job. Good work!