Category: Bulletin Board

Finals Tips

Finals are just around the corner! I hope you all are prepared but don’t sweat if you aren’t. Start implementing the tips on this board to see success next week!


Shower Thoughts

Everyone has their best ideas in the shower! That is what this board is here to share. Swing by in order to add yours and get a couple of chuckles at the ones curgently up.

Cute Animals!

I don’t know anyone who does not enjoy looking at cute animals! We all also have rougher days and I hope these pictures will help you smile or maybe brighten your day.

Career Fair!

The career fair is upon us again! Whether you are a freshman or a senior, JJ, it is good to go! It will be a good opportunity to start making connections to the professional world! Take the time to go and be sure to check this Archer themed board out for tips before you do!