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Get Know Your RA 2.0

2 West out together this comical bulletin board about your’s truly! It is currently being featured on the small bulletin board on our wing. It was made it was made in good jest primarily by someone who is going to work as an RA. This was good practice for when it becomes his job. Good work!


Blood Drive

There is no picture for this one, but it was cool helping you all decide to donate blood. I know some almost passed out but it was awesome knowing you did your best to save lives. We donated a crap ton and we couldn’t have done it without the help of about a third of 2 West.

Pie Your RA!

Great job 2 West! You all donated $49 dollars to the Dubuque Humane Society and Wounded Warriors Project! That is fantastic and very generous of you all. You also did an awesome job pieing me in the face. I am still trying to get me hearing back to what it was before all of the shaving cream in it! Keep up the amazing work and watch out for a thank you sometime soon!


                                                    Hello everyone! Chris Sibilia went to the career fair on Wednesday. Looking to start gathering connections to the professional world. We discussed about how to tie ties and what etiquette is involved with wearing ties. Kyle, Anthony, and Dominic all hopped in as we reviewed how to tie ties and choose ties to wear for events. We also discussed how to distinguish fake ties from real ties. Everyone here is now prepared for the professional dress side of the world! Even being equipped with some not so common knots!

Praying Mantis Interaction


Welcome to 2 West where we find cool critters to learn more about as we handle them! We all watched the Praying Mantis fly about and climb stuff. I told people about how Praying Mantises are rare in the state of Wisconsin, but Platteville’s campus seems to have a healthy population of Praying Mantises. I also explained about how to identify their gender too. It has to do with the number of segments on the Mantis’ abdomen.  Many did not know that Mantises could fly either which they very much discovered Saturday night!