Category: Spontaneous Wing Event

NCAA Heartbreak

It was heartbreaking to see the Badgers get knocked out on such an intense note. This picture is as the Badgers scored the three pointer to take the lead. Only to be crushed and the Wildcats losing in similar fashion later that weekend. It did well at building relationships as we all got together for sports once again.


Wing CoD Afternoon

A bunch of us gathered Xbox’s together in order to play against one another as teams to see who could be the best! We played the competitive rules. Ryan clutched up so many times and Quinn hit some sick sniper shots. All in all it was a blast and we will have to do more. It helped develop a better sense for environmental gaming awareness.

Worlds Series Game 7

We all piled into Payton and Quinn’s room last night in order to watch the ending of Game 7! It was fun to watch and a good game to see as we analyzed the sport going on! All around a good time. We also talked about sports experiences that we had in high school. It was a fun discussion of health, sports, and good memories!

McDonald’s Run

Thanks to JJ’s insatiable appetite a group of us, including other from Pickard hall, ran to McDonald’s for some good food at about 11:00 at night! It was fun interacting with the group of people over some not so healthy, but super tasty food! I learned that JJ is desensitized to caffeine!

Gaming Night!

Thanks to everyone who joined in on the mini LAN session that happened in my room as we played Black Ops 3. It was fun competition as we duked it out! Hopefully everyone was able to function on Sunday as we played late into the night!

Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery was a fun activity put on by Pickard Hall’s staff. It was a court trial that residents got to use to question suspects in a “murder” of one of the staff members. Given a story about events that unfolded the residents were able to start to piece together who they thought the murderer was. With evidence given and the trials performed residents then voted to convict one of the RAs as the murderer.

Wing Hang Out Session

In light of all this afternoon’s events 2 West made it back safe and sound! I was happy for the fact that the majority of the floor got together to hang out and spend time with everyone in the mean time. I got the opportunity to host some Super Smash Brothers Melee play time making for some ridiculously fun moments. Thanks for being calm and hanging out for a while!