Category: Wing Event

Ben and Jerrys in PJs

Students had a blast learning about how to maintain proper hygeiene, what safe sex looks like, and how to keep a healthy relationships! All in the comfort of their pjs. There were a ton of free materials to keep proper health up and free ice cream too! Thanks to all who attended!


Smash Bro Tournament

Henry did another awesome job setting up another fun SSB tournament. It was fun learning more awesome tips and tricks to improve my mediocre at best mechanics. I know many others learned a lot too and it was a fun time seeing such a close community.

NALCS Viewing Party

We got together with our gaming set ups in order to game while enjoying the series. TSM won the series 3-2 with a very close end game. It was fun getting together with other fans of the game in the basement.

Weekly Soccer has started!

We have started soccer again! I forgot to take a picture this past week since we were pressed for time but it shall be fun as we get full sized games on the weekly. Lots of exercise is incoming keep ears open for future times!

Movie Night!

2 West gathered together again in order to view the infamous story of William Wallace! It was a fun time watching a romance film depicting the Wallace’s strife for the Scott’s freedom. We discussed the accuracy of the film in length learning a lot about the real history the film is based on.

Quinn is Soccer King

Quinn’s soccer team played mine and they won by one lousy point. It was a close and fun game with a good competitive spirit. I was able to have a blast while working out which is the way fitness should always be!

Day in Dubuque

Us four spent a day in Dubuque in order to go to a musical performance for music appreciation! Kyle chose a performance featuring the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra. This performance included a marimba solo from his professor and he did an awesome job. Way to support a prof and have fun.