Get to know the RD and SA

You will hopefully be seeing these two around the building. Both are very nice and outgoing guys! But wait what is a RD and SA? RD stands for Resident Director. The Resident Director takes care of many of the responsibilities in terms of managing the building’s resources and helping communicate between the upper management and the staff in the building. RD’s also take care of discipline action. The SA, Senior Assistant, is essentially the manager of the RA’s. The SA helps the RA’s with resources, communication, and overall tasks. The SA also puts a lot of focus on helping the group function very well.


Meet the RD

Adam Iserman

Hello 2 West! I hope you have had a great move-in weekend and had a lot of fun at all of the Welcome Weekend Events. My name is Adam Iserman and I am the Resident Director for Pickard Hall this year. I am very excited to be here and look forward to meeting each of you and getting to know you a little more!

A little about myself, I am a native of southwest Wisconsin. I am originally from Hazel Green and am an alumnus of UW-Platteville. I graduate with my B.A. in Social Science Education. The past two years, I have been in Arkansas at the University of Central Arkansas where I worked as the Student Conduct Coordinator and completed my Master’s degree in College Student Personnel Services and Administration.

When I have a little bit of free time, I enjoy being outside. I like going to state parks, playing catch, playing volleyball, golfing, going for walks, grilling out, just about anything. One of my favorite shows to watch is Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. If I’ve learned anything from that show, it is that everything can be traced back to ALIENS!

If you want to know more about me or introduce yourself, please feel free to stop by my office during office hours or when you see the door open. Like I said, I am excited to meet you all and to learn more about you. Let me know your major, what your involved in, and anything else your willing to share. If your involved with intramurals, a performance group or anything else on campus, let me know and I will try to make your performance to cheer you on!

Best of luck this semester and hope to see you soon!


Meet the SA

Brent Brochtrup

 Hello Residents of 2 West, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brent Brochtrup, and I will have the privilege of being the Senior Assistant of Pickard Hall. This will be my second year in Pickard; last year I was an RA on 3 East. Some of my duties are to aid the RA in their programing efforts, plan and organize large hall events like Freight Fest, and manage the front desk.

I am from Cedar Grove, WI. I enjoy boating, especially slalom water skiing, hunting and Camping. I am also a very avid Badger and Packers fan. In 2012, I achieved a lifelong goal and earn my Eagle Scout Rank.

I live in room 101 on 1 East, feel free to stop by any time that my door is open if you have questions, concerns, or are just looking for someone to talk to. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can.