Aluminum Can Drive

Want to have less recycling in your room and help out a great cause? Toss your empty cans into this box outside room 226. The cans get turned in for their salvage value and the funds go to support cancer research. During specific cancer awareness months, all the proceeds will go to a specific charity that supports that cancer type. If interested in this project, sign up to join Cans For The Cure on PioneerLink.


Ridesharing Bulletin Board

Need to get home for a weekend, but don’t have a car? Did you know there is an app for that? With Zimride you can request rides for commutes, breaks, or popular events with other students in Platteville. If you have a car offer rides to split costs. If you don’t have a car, find a ride with Zimride.

Welcome to UWP!


Hello and welcome Pickard Hall 2 West. My name is Ramsey Beckmann and I am delighted that you have chosen UWP. Many of you will be beginning your next chapter of life here at college. It is important to utilize the resources available to make your transition to a higher education easier and significantly improve your chances of success. Regardless if you are an incoming freshman or returning student, remember to go to class, eat, sleep, and most importantly, have fun!

Check back in for regular postings and information of upcoming events.

Finals Tips

Finals are just around the corner! I hope you all are prepared but don’t sweat if you aren’t. Start implementing the tips on this board to see success next week!