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Sun, Fun, and Buns!

2nd Floor enjoyed the beautiful weather and free food during Sun, Fun, and Buns today. Thank you to all the people who showed up to participate and interact with fellow students in Pickard. Keep your eyes open for more fun events. Next week we are having our fall Circle Olympics! Ask your RA for more information and how to get involved.





Thank you to everyone who attended Playfair last night!

2 West selfie with Shane, Rodrigo, Matthew, and myself.


The seemingly never ending tunnel of Pioneer Pride!

Look at the hundreds of students who had a blast getting connected at Playfair 2017!


This is just a simple door dec reminding you all Spring is officially here! This is reason to be happy after the drab and dreary winter is over. The weather will be warmer and we can have fun outside agai not. A great time to feel better after winter blues!