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A Shocking Bulletin Board

Do want to learn more about campus energy? Check out this SHOCKING bulletin board to learn how big the university’s electric bill is and tips how YOU can save energy and cut costs.


Aluminum Can Drive

Want to have less recycling in your room and help out a great cause? Toss your empty cans into this box outside room 226. The cans get turned in for their salvage value and the funds go to support cancer research. During specific cancer awareness months, all the proceeds will go to a specific charity that supports that cancer type. If interested in this project, sign up to join Cans For The Cure on PioneerLink.

Praying Mantis Interaction


Welcome to 2 West where we find cool critters to learn more about as we handle them! We all watched the Praying Mantis fly about and climb stuff. I told people about how Praying Mantises are rare in the state of Wisconsin, but Platteville’s campus seems to have a healthy population of Praying Mantises. I also explained about how to identify their gender too. It has to do with the number of segments on the Mantis’ abdomen.  Many did not know that Mantises could fly either which they very much discovered Saturday night!

Survival Tips


Come check out our new bulletin board about some survival tips! Of course if you end up using these use caution with them! Who knows maybe they will come in handy some day. By the way they are presented by Russell from Up. 

Praying Mantis Board!

Come by and check out the awesome bulletin board paying homage to our beloved Viktor who had to be released back into the while. If you found him interesting you can learn more about Praying Mantids and what their habitats are. Also, I forgot to include the fact that there was a style of Kung Fu modeled after these cool little insects!