Tag: Health

Circle Grill and Chill

Thank you 2 West members who helped make another successful Circle Grill and Chill! There were a multitude of fun minigames, volleyball, football, free hotdogs, and popsicles!

New addition this year was a slip-and-slide in Hugunin’s backyard. Check out the video above and watch Henry Felerinski in action.


Ben and Jerrys in PJs

Students had a blast learning about how to maintain proper hygeiene, what safe sex looks like, and how to keep a healthy relationships! All in the comfort of their pjs. There were a ton of free materials to keep proper health up and free ice cream too! Thanks to all who attended!

Weekly Soccer has started!

We have started soccer again! I forgot to take a picture this past week since we were pressed for time but it shall be fun as we get full sized games on the weekly. Lots of exercise is incoming keep ears open for future times!

Quinn is Soccer King

Quinn’s soccer team played mine and they won by one lousy point. It was a close and fun game with a good competitive spirit. I was able to have a blast while working out which is the way fitness should always be!

Blood Drive

There is no picture for this one, but it was cool helping you all decide to donate blood. I know some almost passed out but it was awesome knowing you did your best to save lives. We donated a crap ton and we couldn’t have done it without the help of about a third of 2 West.

Worlds Series Game 7

We all piled into Payton and Quinn’s room last night in order to watch the ending of Game 7! It was fun to watch and a good game to see as we analyzed the sport going on! All around a good time. We also talked about sports experiences that we had in high school. It was a fun discussion of health, sports, and good memories!


We had a blast playing soccer for an hour this last Saturday. It was good physical activity with a great group of people. Thanks for everyone who came and be on the watch for more games happening!