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Spaghetti and Ping Pong Night

John and I had a wonderful night playing ping pong and eating spaghetti with Logan, Jenna, Mae, and Luke.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for publicity regarding our upcoming 2W Ping Pong Tournament some time in the next 2 weeks.



Thursday night was pool night  in the Circle Olympics. I am extremely proud of 2W residents Michael (above), Matthew (second), and John (last) for participating.

Matthew lines up the shot to end the game.

John eyes up the yellow ball in the corner before hitting the cue ball.

Just Dance


The second event of the Circle Olympics was Just Dance hosted in Hugunin’s basement. Pickard residents turned on the moves and had the most participants out of all the halls. Enjoy these short videos that show of our slick moves!

Congratulations to Michael Roemer for dancing his way to claim second place!



Above is Pickard’s basketball team for the Circle Olympics. From left to right we have Matt, Cody, Brian, and Tyler. Thank you to these gentlemen for representing us tonight.

Matt drives the ball to the hoop to score.




Make sure to stay involved and attend the Circle Olympics to compete and/or cheer on Pickard!

Health & Safety Bulletin Board

Do you know what you’d do in an emergency? Or what do you do if it’s not a 9-1-1 worthy event? What if you come in contact with hazardous materials? Check out this bulletin board for general safety tips and important phone numbers you should all have in your phones. Remember to carry your keys and ID with you at all times.

Pico de Gallo

This past Wednesday, the Office of Sustainability hosted a salsa making workshop. All the ingredients, except limes and salt, came straight from the Edible Garden.

Since we made so much, here are Pickard residents enjoying the tasty snack!

Everyone who showed up learned that all produce grown in the garden is organic, which is much better than store bought produce, and tastes much better.

Circle Grill and Chill

Thank you 2 West members who helped make another successful Circle Grill and Chill! There were a multitude of fun minigames, volleyball, football, free hotdogs, and popsicles!

New addition this year was a slip-and-slide in Hugunin’s backyard. Check out the video above and watch Henry Felerinski in action.