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Soccer Ball Door Decs

The final door decs of the semester are these soccer balls. The weather is finally starting to warm up. Go outside with some friends and get some fresh air. The end of the semester is fast approaching. Keep an eye out for the closing wing meeting.


Snapchat Door Decs

Hello 2W! The latest door decs are snapchat logos. We are completing week 12. That means tests, semester projects, papers, and presentations. Finals are fast approaching, be sure to start studying now. Form a study group and visit the professor’s office hours to know where you stand for grades.

Sunflower Door Decs

The newest set of door decs on 2 West are sunflowers! Here are ten sunflower facts.

  1. Sunflower is the only flower with flower in its name!
  2. “Helianthus” is the scientific name of Sunflower, Helia for Sun and Anthus for Flower.
  3. Sunflowers are the symbol of faith, loyalty and adoration.
  4. They follow the movement of the sun across the sky from east to west, and this process is known as  heliotropism.
  5. Sunflower oil was able to soften leather, condition hair, wounds, and also used as cooking oil, medicine paint, animal feed and bio-diesel.
  6. Oil of sunflower is rich in minerals like calcium and iron and contains vitamin A and Vitamin D.
  7. Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine, and is the state flower of  Kansas.
  8. Sunflowers are one of the fastest growing plants and they grow tall. On an average they grow up to 8-12 feet within six months.
  9. The Guinness world record for the tallest sunflower is 25 feet 5 ½ inches, grown by M Heijims in Oirschot, Netherlands in1986.
  10. Sunflower with largest flower head is 32 ¼ inches in diameter (measured from the outer tip of the petal on one side to the outer tip of the petal on the opposite side), was grown by Emily Martin in Maple Ridge, British Columbia,  Canada in 1983.

Stand-Up with Mike Paramore

Last Saturday UWP welcomed comedian Mike Paramore to the stage. He joked about how different men and women are and asked the audience who was in a relationship and how they met. Some were cute and met at a summer camp, while others were creepy ended up drunk in your backseat. A handful of us went early to play cards and eat before the comedian.

Owl Door Decs

The newest door decs on 2 West are these googly owls. We are now a quarter way through the semester. Sign-up for housing for the 2018-2019 school year continues throughout this week. Most of you are still required to live on campus. Keep an eye out for your reservation window.

Penguin Door Decs

The newest door decs on 2W are these adorable penguins! Just a reminder that housing sign ups for next academic year are starting. Be sure to look online when your sign-up window is so you can secure your spot.